Why Us

Why Cheaphotel2u  as your online hotel booking platform?

Cheaphotel2u offers a range of hotels worldwide – not just in Southeast Asia. Cheaphotel2u offers large-scale budget hotels through its endless promotions and offers. Cheaphotel2u offers convenient, special and fun features that are useful to you.

No booking fee

Cheaphotel2u wants you to keep your reservation fee because there is no booking fee. Once you make an online hotel room booking, you will be surprised to find that no matter if you are making a domestic or international reservation, you will not be charged for any booking. There is no minimum trading condition for this feature without a booking fee. It applies to all Cheaphotel2u products.

Honest price

This is another feature of Cheaphotel2u’s leadership over others. What you see is what you pay for. There are no hidden fees for hotel reservations and flights. Like our no-booking fees, our honest prices apply to all Cheaphotel2u products.

Daily low prices and exclusive in-app transactions

Cheaphotel2u has two main platforms that you can book here; hotel booking apps and hotel booking websites. If you use a mobile app for online hotel room bookings, you get the best deals and special offers. Some deals can only be found in mobile apps. Therefore, you may now need to download the Cheaphotel2u app on your phone to get these offers.

Real guest reviews

How do you know if Hotel A is really a hotel you want to spend time with? To answer your question, Cheaphotel2u created another feature where you can find reviews on past guests that you can read. On each hotel page, we include real reviews and ratings to help you determine if the hotel is worth your investment.


Cheaphotel2u guarantees that you can choose to stay at the hotel based on your choices and preferences. However, in the event of overbooking the room, or if there are any differences in your booking, Cheaphotel2u will immediately take action to recommend hotels with similar preferences to other hotels without paying any additional fees. If our proposal does not meet your needs, you will immediately refund your booking.

Various payment options

Whether you use the hotel booking application or the hotel booking website, we offer four main types of payment options for your convenience. The first and most common is the credit/debit card payment, the second one is not rare, but definitely is a great time convenience for all users – online banking – you can find the main online banking options here, such as Maybank2u, CimbClicks , Public Bank PBe, RHB Now, Hong Leong, Islamic Bank, AmOnline and other banks have passed FPX. The third payment method is unique because you can only pay for your reservation in cash at any 7-Eleven store you can find at Cheaphotel2u. You will get a code that you can take to any 7-Eleven store and use it as a reference number for payment. This applies only to cash payments. The final payment method offered by Cheaphotel2u is via PayPal, which facilitates easy payment for international users.







24/7 customer service

Cheaphotel2u has a strong customer service that is ready to serve you. Our sales support period includes reservations, dates during travel and after travel, and no deadlines. You can access our customer service in the following ways:


Email: Submit your question to cs@Cheaphotel2u.com


Live chat via desktop


Tel: 0804-1500-308 (In Indonesia only)